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Albury Family Tree

Here is the family tree for a portion of the Albury family.  It is from Haziel Albury’s book, Man-O-War My Island Home - A History of an Outer Abaco Island, which can be found at the Man-O-War Grocery Store.  The book has lots of interesting history, photos, and drawings from Haziel’s perspective.  Haziel wore many hats in his time - school teacher for many years, Justice of the Peace, postmaster, radio operator, preacher, businessman.

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Family photos, histories, genealogy, etc

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Percy Sweeting, 1939

Venie Sweeting, 1949


Venie Sweeting with Peter, Walter, and Celia, 1953

Maruice Albury and Wesley

Jeff Albury

Edwin, Walter, Freddy and Willard Albury

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From Haziel’s book:

It began with Benjamin Archer, lovingly known as Pappy, and his wife, known as Mammy Archer, Loyalists from New England by way of the Carolinas.

Norman and Lina Albury, 1980

Photos from Peter Sweeting and Jeremy Sweeting

Photos from the museum collection

Ernest Sweeting m. Celia Albury

Mary Roberts

Wlliam Henry Sweeting

Sarah with grandchildren, Vernon, Marcel, Lois, and Richie

Photos from Martha Roberts and Jeremy Sweeting

Edgar Albury

Redith Sweeting

Wlliam Sweeting and Francis Pinder

of Spencer’s Bight and Cherokee Sound

Married 26 Aug 1851, Cherokee Sound

Norman was a sailmaker on Man-O-War.  He and his wife, Lina started the Albury Sail Shop.  They are shown here with some of their canvas products.

Norman’s father, Edgar, was also a sailmaker.

Harcourt Thompson, 1940’s

Photo by Ruth Rodriguez

Loaned by Mary Albury

David and Sammy Albury

Eddie Albury

Arelia, Alfred, Iva, Rosa, Eugene, Lizzie, Emma

Wilton and Rosie Albury

Alfred and Lizzie Weatherford

Milton and Doris Sweeting

Eddie Albury 19 years old

circa 1907

Robbie and Alice Weatherford

Eddie, Lewis, Hartley and Kevin

Robbie Weatherford, Dorris Sweeting, Martin Weatherford, Alfred and Lizzie Weatherford, Gloria and Kenneth