History of Man-O-War Cay

1798 Man-O-War Cay settled and used for farming by Benjamin Archer and 
         Elizabeth Pinder.  They travel to and from Marsh Harbour to farm.
1820 Ship from Harbour Island, Eleuthera shipwrecked on reef and crew member, 
         16 year old Benjamin Albury, stays after meeting Eleanor Archer who was out to
         Man-O-War helping her parents with the farm.
1821 On May 7th, Benjamin Albury (Pappy Ben) and Eleanor Archer (Mammy Nellie) are married. 
1833 Church of England established on site where Old Methodist Church is built.                     
1862 On August 23rd, the U.S.S. Adirondack is shipwrecked on the reef.                                                                                                                      
1876 First kerosene lamp comes to Man-O-War Cay.
1895 School begins in the Church of England.
1904 First camera brought to Man-O-War Cay.
1912 Methodist Church built in place of Church of England.
1921 Man-O-War School built.

1938 Arrival of first “second-homeowners”.



1949 Installation of harbour light run off of kerosene.

1950’s (?)

1951 Governor Sir Robert Neville visits Man-O-War Cay.
1952 Telecommunications begins in Man-O-War Cay.
1956 Library opened on January 25th.
1959 Albury’s Ferry Service started.
         Electricity turned on, December 24th.

1960’s (?)

1964 Esperanto launched by Uncle Will, last big boat built on Man-O-War, later renamed William H Albury.
1965 Hurricane Betsy, graves washed out of graveyard, new cemetery started inland. 
1974 Governor-General Sir Milo Butler visits Man-O-War Cay.
1977 Man-O-War’s
         Rough Waters 
         wins Prime 
         Minister’s Cup  
         at George 
         Town Regatta.

1981,82 Man-O-War’s 
              Abaco Rage 
              wins Prime 
              Minister’s Cup 
              at George 
              Town Regatta.
1983,84 Abaco Rage 
              wins George 
              Town Regatta.

1987 Start of installation of phones in private homes.

2009,11 Celebration of Heritage Day,
               “Sojer Day”, in early April.

2011 The Governor General 
         Sir Arthur and Lady Foulkes 
         visit Man-O-War.

Man-O-War Cay - Our Island History

On Page 3 are some photos from Carl Brorein and Abaco Sudes.

Ruth Rodriguez was a frequent visitor in the 40’s and 50’s.  Her book with many photos from that era can be found at Joe’s Studio, the Man-O-War Grocery Store and from Mr. Harcourt Thompson.

Mr. Haziel L. Albury starts to teach in the one-room schoolhouse where he himself had been a pupil.  He continues to teach and then serve as principal for over 30 years.

In early years, a conch shell was blown to signal the start of the school day.

1930‘s.  Before the Sail Shop,

Edwin’s 1, Harbour Grocery.

Eastern Harbour, 1940’s

North Beach and the Creek, 1950’s

Lucayo” was built on Man-O-War and launched just prior to recovering the canon

Cannon is recovered

from the wreck of

U.S.S. Adirondack